About me

The Tzof Fashion Design Studio was established by the Top-Designer Tzof Ska’at, who is considered to be one of the well-known fashion designers in Israel. The studio includes a tailoring and design department for wedding dresses that serves hundreds of women every year from all over the country who are looking for a wedding dress designed in a wonderful tailormade style.

Fashion designer Tzof Ska’at started her career as a dress designer at the age of 16 when she designed her first wedding dress for her best friend, and today she designs wedding dresses for women from all over the country in spectacular designs and perfect styles.

Sewing a tailormade dress
A wedding event is the most important and exciting event for any woman. Therefore, choosing the right dress for the bride is significant and it should combine a stunning design and uncompromising comfort. The Tzof Fashion Design Studio puts an emphasis on personalized designs and tailoring the dress precisely to your body.

The wedding dress is tailored perfectly to your body for maximum comfort throughout your exciting event. The wedding dresses of Tzof Fashion Design Studio, allow every woman to move and dance comfortably throughout all the phases of the wedding celebration and at the same time maintain the spectacular design of the wedding dress even while dancing.

The dress is made of fine quality fabrics with a perfect finish
One of the most important things in any wedding dress is the quality of the fabrics from which it is made. Beyond the spectacular and shiny design of the wedding dress, there is great importance in choosing the right fabrics to sew your dress.

The seamstresses of Tzof Fashion Design Studio choose fabrics that are especially suitable for the design of the your dress you have chosen, and use the finest fabrics of high quality so that you can feel free and relaxed with your wedding dress throughout your event.

In addition, every wedding dress made by the Tzof Fashion Design Studio, there are custom made fashion accessories of high quality fabrics and raw materials.

Ordering a stunning wedding dress from Tzof Fashion Design Studio
Tzof Fashion Design Studio invites you to join the studio’s satisfied customers and enjoy the personal accompaniment of a top-notch fashion designer.
Designer Tzof Ska’at will accompany you through all the stages of measurements, choosing the design and sewing, until the perfect dress for your exciting wedding event is created.

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